About Ann-Louise

Archaeologist and entrepreneur with great interest in pedagogy, technology and experiential learning.

Archaeologically trained in preservation around rock carvings. Nowadays I am the only archaeologist in Österlen trained in search, digging, preservation and intermediary of rock carvings.

2003 I was finished with my university education in archaeology. The same year I ended up at Österlen museum where I, through countless projects, worked with Österlen’s antiquity on and off. I have also worked with nature and cultural heritage tourism through Region Skåne and as a museum educator at Glimmingehus.

After many years as an archaeologist and antiquarian in museums in Skåne, I chose to start my own guide company Asmiroca Cultural Heritage Experiences, in 2010. My ambition was to conduct guided tours in Skåne’s historical landscape. For a long time I had had a vision of taking the visitor out into the landscape, finding the physical places of prehistoric events and through all human senses creating an understanding of the landscape.

After two years as a self-employed, I took over the operation of one of south-east Skåne’s largest historical attractions, The Bronze age cairn Kiviksgraven in Kivik and the adjacent Café Sågmöllan in all its cultural-historical premises.
Today I operate these three companies with great success and also, together with a colleague, I have started up another company that focuses mainly on lectures where each topic is handled from a common archaeological and historical perspective.

As an entrepreneur in nature and cultural environments there is enormous potential to create exciting, instructive and entertaining guided tours. I am aiming for both climatic and economic sustainability in my products. In my opinion, we in the tourism industry, must take a step ahead and produce sustainable products.

That is to say, products that not only provide financial gain but have a continuity. Too many products exist only one or two years.

Our products must also be sustainable in terms of climate. And this is most obvious in working in nature and cultural environments. What I want to show off has often been there for many thousands of years, we cannot just demolish our world to live now and not think of coming generations.

In all of this, I try to find both new and older technologies to best give my main characters, the environments, the best presentation. As a participant in my products you should expect that a lot is done a little differently but with passion and 100% commitment!

I run my companies as one-man entrepreneurs but, as in many other small companies, the whole family and many friends are involved. The spouse and the sons are invaluable as both the labour force and discussion partners. Friends supports when needed and during the summer I have several fantastic youth employees in Café Sågmöllan.