Asmiroca Cultural heritage experiences work with all kinds of experiences around our fantastic cultural heritage. We specialize in the ancient heritage; The age of stone, the Bronze Age, iron and Viking times. Our base is located at The Kivik Grave, Sweden’s most famous Bronze Age tomb with 3 500 years old rock pictures carved in the rock coffin, found in its center. There we work with experiences in the form of crafts, food, games and guided tours linked to the site’s 9 500 year long history. We also work out in the landscape with hikes, guided tours and nocturnal experiences.

At The Kivik Grave one also finds Café Sågmöllan which we operate ourselves. A rustic and relaxing café that has been in use since 1939. Housed in an old wood industry building, you will find a classic assortment with a wide range of gluten free, milk free, egg freeand vegan coffee assortment. Lunch is served in the form of various sandwiches, waffles and vegetarian pie or lasagna. The company is owned by archaeologist Ann-Louise S Ferngård.

Asmiroca pauses the experiences

Due to prevailing world conditions, Asmiroca Cultural Heritage Experiences (Kulturarvsupplevelser) takes a break from external experiences and invests solely on the activities at Kiviksgraven and Café Sågmöllan, which will be running as usual.

We, like so many others, were forced to adapt to both authorities and visitors and our own limitations. Our social channels will be updated continuously and there you will find any pop-up events.

Ann-Louise Ferngård
Archaeologist and owner of Asmiroca Cultural Heritage Experiences