Our Visitor Center

The Kivik Grave

We maintains The Kivik Grave on behalf of The National Property Board of Sweden. The assignment consists of informing, developing and maintaining The Kivik Graveas an ancient monument and location. The ancient monument consists of a 75 m in diameter large Bronze Age cairn with a central coffin covered with rock carvings. We receive no grants from neither the State, the region nor the municipality, and that is why an entrance fee is charged to visit the burial grounds and the burial chamber.

Café Sågmöllan

We also operate Café Sågmöllan which is located within The Kivik Grave property. This is also on behalf of the state’s real estate agency. The café started around 1939 and has since been in operation. We invest in a familiar, home-baked assortment where everyone can find their favourite pastry. Here you will find our museum shop and also pay the entrance fee to The Kivik Grave.