Ängakåsen gravefield

Join us for a unique and exciting evening hike out on Ängakåsens burial ground with archaeologist Ann-Louise’s Ferngård. During the total of 1.5 km long hike we will meet more than 130 different graves of an age of about 3 500 years. Some graves are large stone ships, others are invisible beneath the ground.

During the evening we try out how the Bronze Age funeral ale may have tasted. Out on the burial ground, we listen to ancient “music”, examine objects and test clothes. We also visit the cult houses, the mysterious rectangles in stone that hide beneath the oaks. We finish in Kiviksgraven where we explore the rock carvings with our flashlights. The hike is carried out in a small group, Max 15 participants, for the best service to everyone. The experience is performed in Swedish or English depending on the group’s wishes.

July 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31
Must be preebooked!

325 kr/person over 18 years
150 kr/person 12 – 17 years


What you can expect

The short hike not only shows up amazing archaeology, but also a wonderful nature with apple orchards, centuries-old oak trees and lovely sea views. objects, sounds, tastes and clothes bring us closer to the people who once laid the burial ground. The archaeologist shares his knowledge about funeral rituals, mythologies and ancestor cultures. The Bronze Age becomes our main time period, but the Stone Age and Iron Age will of course also be touched


  • Archaeologist Ann-Louise S Ferngård as guide
  • Taste of funeral ale (non-alcoholic)
  • Entrance to Kiviksgraven with guide
  • Loan of Flashlights


  1. Transport to and from the start and end point

Departure/return trip

  • Starts and ends at Kiviksgraven, Wide Pipe road 18, Kivik

Additional Information

  1. Not for children under 12 years
  2. Not handicap accessible
  3. Serious, archaeological experience (not ghost walk)
  4. Dogs allowed on a leash and under their own responsibility

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