A prehistoric buffé can be arranged as a tasting event.

Are you looking for someone who can arrange a different experience for the company, association or visit to south east Sweden? Then you’ve come to the right site! I am a specialist in the cultural heritage of the landscape. And who am I, well I am archaeologist Ann-Louise Ferngård with many years of experience in creating different experiences from the historical events that hide out under the turf. With an extra twist and activation of all our senses, my customers end up in another time where the historical people and their destinies are glimpsed.  And suddenly you understand why the landscape looks like it does today!

I arrange different experiences for different wishes. Someone might want to book a Bronze Age experience at the mysterious Kiviksgraven, someone

Not that impressing maby but in the 1300’s this was a central castle for the east Denmark

else might want to explore the exciting rock carvings around Simrishamn. Why not seek out a medieval castle complex and get the castles inhabitants on the trail. In addition, I work a lot with archaeological and historical source criticism and can absolutely arrange an exciting lecture for a school about this. 


Yes there is much I do but my heart beats hard for archaeology and it can be found out in the landscape! Mainly I move in southeastern Skåne but nothing says exactly where the borders are. 

Asmiroca Cultural Heritage experiences run both Kiviksgraven and Café Sågmöllan in Kivik. This means that we have a nice place for a smaller conference (max 25 participants) with extra everything, both when it comes to cozy room as well as a fantastic break experience. We can arrange homemade Swedish fika and lunch for your participants. Please contact us with your wishes, we will probably find the perfect experience for you.

The magical grave chamber in the Bronze Age cairn.