Traces of history

The dream of nature lovers, history geeks and food lovers! This unique all-day hike offers countless meetings with history, nature and food with a taste of Ancient times. Together with professional archaeologist, we explore everything wonderful in a very special area in southern Sweden; Österlen. 

The stunning landscape along southeast coast of Skåne offers a staggering experience. In the varying nature there are glimpses of different historical events where people’s destinies, desires and desires has formed the surroundings.  

Like in ancient times, the lunch is carried in the “pack” by each one while the dinner is produced and enjoyed in front of the fire at the mighty Bronze Age Tomb, the Kiviks grave. All food is inspired by archaeological finds from ancient times. 

Feel the magic in a serene atmosphere, with animal flocks and rural life, forgotten Iron Age cities and of stone marked grave fields.

8, 22 April, 26 May, 26 June, 8, 22 August, 7 and 21 September

  • Departs from Brösarp and ends in Kivik
  • Cut-off time is 24 hours before departure
  • Duration about 6 hours
  • A moderate walk
  • Minimum 12 years of age
  • Maximum 15 participants
  • Wear cap/hat and comfortable shoes
  • Bring your own drinking water
  • Departures in any weather